Export Excel Dashboards (Improved Version)

An improved version of the example workbook exporting Excel Dashboards to other applications

Improvement - Photographer: Celestine Chua (flickr.com)The previous post provided an example Excel model with the option to export dashboards to other applications and file formats.

The workbook came with one serious limitation: the PDF and XPS export routine created a separate file for each dashboard, instead of one file with all dashboards.

In the article I stated, I wouldn’t see how to get around this without using an external PDF creator. It turns out that I simply couldn’t see the wood for the trees.

It was (again!) Leonid Koyfman, long-time reader and contributor, who pointed me into the right direction. The idea is as simple as it is efficient: create a temporary Excel workbook, copy all dashboards to it (each dashboard on a separate sheet), use the ExportAsFixedFormat method of the workbook object to export the entire workbook (i.e. all dashboards) to one PDF or XPS file and finally close the temporary workbook without saving changes. So simple, so obvious. I should have figured that out on my own. But I didn’t. Many thanks to Leonid for the idea.

Here is the improved version for free download:

Download Export Excel Dashboard to other Applications – Improved Version (zipped Microsoft Excel 2010 – 2013 workbook, 210K)

Stay tuned.

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