How to Quickly Insert New Cells in Excel

There isn’t any trickery involved in this post. I just want to give you a quick and simple way to insert new cells in excel.

First, let’s see the usual way of doing it. Suppose, you have a data set as shown below and you want to insert blank cells in C2:C4, in such a way that the data in C2:C4 should shift one column to the right

The usual way of doing this is to first select C2:C4, then right click and Select Insert. In the Insert dialogue box, select Shift Cells Right.

While this isn’t exactly a very long way to do this, there is a better and quicker way to do it. Here is the trick:

  1. Select B2:B4.
  2. Bring your mouse pointer to the bottom right of the selection. You will see the autofill icon (a black square).
  3. Press Shift (you will notice that the shape of the mouse pointer has changed).
  4. Shift the selected data to the right.
  5. That’s it!!.

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