Insert PivotChart is available in Excel for the web


Now you can create visual PivotCharts in Excel Online!


PivotChart insertion was asked by many customers in Excel Community.
We listened to your feedback and provided the ability to visualize the data in PivotTables through PivotCharts.
Just like in Excel Desktop, now you can create your own PivotCharts and edit them in Excel web app.

To learn more about PivotCharts, take a look on the relevant page of Office Support.




How to get started?


  1. Go to the PivotTable you’d like to visualize, or insert a new PivotTable.
    For more information about Insert PivotTable in Excel Online, click here.
  2. Select a cell in your PivotTable.
  3. Select Insert Tab, click on one of the chart buttons and choose your PivotChart type.
  4. New PivotChart will be right on your grid!


Now what?

  • Try the edit options on Chart Tools contextual tab for editing titles, legend, labels, axes or gridlines.
  • Now you can edit your PivotTable fields. The changes will be reflected immediately on the interactive PivotChart.
  • You can change the chart type for getting another point of view. Select the PivotChart and choose one of the other chart buttons.


Don’t forget to share your feedback with us!
Click on Help Improve Office at the bottom left corner and tell us what you think about PivotChart and the total experience of Excel Online.



Excel Online is rapidly growing!


With tens of new features, Excel web app is more powerful than ever.
Insert Pivot Chart is only one of the new abilities added recently to our web app following customer requests.

Want to follow up our roadmap?
Check out Excel Online support homepage for discovering what’s new and what’s about to come soon. This page gathers all the useful resources you need for becoming Excel Online expert!

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