Nuclear Power Reactors in your Neighborhood

How many nuclear power reactors are within a certain radius around your hometown? A Tableau Software Visualization

Radioactivity - © Thommy Weiss / pixelio.deIn the light of recent events: Do you know how many nuclear power reactors are within a certain radius around your hometown?

No? Today’s short post provides a Tableau visualization allowing you to explore the nuclear power plants around your hometown. All you need to know is the latitude and longitude of your city. Everything else is a piece of cake. Simply type in the geographical data, select the radius in kilometers and the visualization will provide an overview of all nuclear power plants within this radius and additional information using external links.

Surrounded by Nuclear Power Reactors?

How to use this visualization

  • Organize the latitude and longitude of your hometown. Here is one tool that helps you getting the data: Lat / Long Detection
  • Type in the latitude and longitude into the 2 input fields at top left of the visualization
  • Select a radius in kilometers at top right of the visualization
  • Click on a data point of the map to get additional information on the selected reactor from The World Nuclear Association in your Internet browser
  • Click on a bar of the bar chart to filter the data by the current status

What you should be aware of

  • The geographical data is jittered. Many power plants have several reactors close to each other. In order to make them visible on the map, I slightly jittered the data.
  • The data is taken from The World Nuclear Association. The reactors of Fukushima and other reactors in the world that have been shut down in the meantime still have the  current status “operating” in the database.

Many thanks again to Giedre Aleknonyte for taking the time to review the workbook.

Stay tuned.

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