Sparklines for XL – Chart Gallery updated

Chart Gallery of Sparklines for XL version 3.3

Chart Gallery of Sparklines for XL version 3.3 (pdf, 42.3K)

As a follow-up to my review of Fabrice Rimlinger’s Sparklines for XL, I recently published a post including a download link to the Excel workbook with the chart gallery used in the review article.

I didn’t provide a download link to the chart gallery in the original post, because I was convinced nobody would be interested in this simple list of Sparklines for XL chart types. What a misjudgment! The Sparklines for XL Chart Gallery is the most popular download here on clearly and simply.

Recently Fabrice and Nixnut published a new version of Sparklines for XL (3.3 alpha 7), including two new chart types: area charts and horizon charts. I thought you might be interested in an updated version of the chart gallery as well.

Here is the file for free download:

Download Chart Gallery Sparklines for XL version 3.3 (Excel 2003, zipped, 382.5K)

The workbook is an Excel 2003 stand-alone file, i.e. the VBA code is included, no need for installing the add-in.

Please be advised that I made some minor changes to Fabrice’s and Nixnut’s original implementation:

I commented out a couple of lines of code to have a stand-alone workbook without asking for installing the add-in and without creating the menus and the toolbar

  • Sub DrawStripeChart() – Class Module StripeChartClass

I made a minor change of the code, because the shapes have not been grouped to one object with the original implementation

  • Public Function ScaleLineBottomLog – Module Utility

I changed the first parameter of the function ScaleLine from “t” to “b”

All of these changes are highlighted by a comment and should be easy to find.

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