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An amendment to “You can’t start a fire without a spark (1)” – The Chart Gallery for free download

Sparklines for XL Gallery - click to enlarge After I recently published the review of Fabrice Rimlinger’s Sparklines for XL, I received a couple of emails from readers asking me for the Excel workbook with the chart gallery. I haven’t thought of providing a download link to this file, because it is a pretty simple workbook, only putting together the most important chart types of Sparklines for XL on one sheet, using dummy data. No explanation of the syntax of the UDFs included, no real life examples and only a very brief description of the chart types. Its only purpose was to create a quick overview of Sparklines for XL.

Fabrice provides much better and more detailed information on how to use Sparklines for XL with his manual and all the posts and examples on his blog.

Anyway, if you think my chart gallery workbook would be helpful as well, here is the file for free download:

The workbook is an Excel 2003 stand-alone file, i.e. the VBA code is included, no need for installing the add-in.

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