SQL Saturday BA Edition 2014 in London

The slides and workbooks of my presentation on “Charts beyond Excel’s Chart Wizard” at SQL Saturday in London 2014

SQL Saturday BA Edition 2014 in LondonLast Saturday (November 22, 2014), I had the privilege to give a little presentation about charts beyond Excel’s default chart gallery at SQL Saturday BA Edition in London.

For everyone who attended the session and anyone else interested, here is a zipped folder containing the PowerPoint slides and Excel workbooks I used in my presentation:

Download SQL Saturday 353 Charts beyond Excels Chart Wizard.zip (6.1 MB)

Please be advised that there is one workbook missing in this folder: I showed a sneak preview of a Word Cloud realized in Microsoft Excel (see slide 10 of the PowerPoint presentation). I will publish this workbook in a separate blog post within the next few weeks.

Many thanks to Jen Stirrup for organizing the event and inviting me, to Bob Phillips for suggesting me as a speaker, to Roger Govier for his encouraging words and of course to everyone who took the time to attend my session.

If you have any feedback or questions, please feel free to leave me a comment here or contact me by email.

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