Use Input Message in Excel to Display Message when a Cell is Selected

Input Message in Excel can be used to show a message when a cell is selected. It is particularly useful if you want to show some instructions to the user when he/she selects a cell. Examples could be to display form filling instructions or data entry instructions.

Can’t this also be done using comments in cells?? – Well Yes!

Yes, you can use cell comments as well. The only drawback with comments is that it is displayed only when you hover the mouse over the cell.

On the other hand, you can use Input Message in Excel to display a message whenever a cell is selected (using either mouse or keyboard).

Something as shown below:

How to Use Input Message in Excel
  1. Select any cell and then go to Data tab –> Data Validation.
  2. In Data Validation dialogue box, select Input Message tab.
  1. Ensure that “Show input message when cell is selected” check box is selected.
  2. In the Input message tab, enter Title (max 32 characters, optional) and Input Message (max 256 characters).
  3. Click OK.

Now whenever you either click on the cell or select it using the keyboard, it would display the message.

Caution: If you move the message box from its position, then all the message box will be shown at that position only. So it is safe not to move the message box.

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